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12 Most Interactive Art Therapy Group Activities For Adults

August 23, 2023

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Lucas H

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What happens in art therapy?
Art therapy techniques and exercises for adults
Helpful art therapy activities for anxiety
How to use essential oils alongside art therapy activities
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Finding art therapy activities for adults can be SO difficult. But not to worry! We picked the most engaging and interactive art therapy group activities for you.


We hope that this article has given you some inspiration on art therapy group activities for adults. Many of these can be adapted for kids and teens, too. 

Remember to take the needs of each individual into account, even during group art therapy activities. By providing various options for expression, the therapy can be made more individualistic and impactful — rather than if you encouraged everyone to simply paint using watercolors, for example. After the piece has been made, have a conversation about what the piece means, what’s reflected within it, and the author’s creative process. This can shed some light on their inner dialogue and point you to ways you can help them.

To give you the maximum amount of time to focus on the sessions and the needs of your patients and to promote your workshop, consider using a workshop booking software system. It will help you free up valuable time from managing clients, payments, and your calendar. With automated reminders, you will help your clients to remember their sessions to ensure they’re getting the maximum benefit from their therapy.

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