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Over 16 million seats sold via Occasion

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Seats sold via Occasion
ExperienceManagement Platform

Management Platform

Occasion is an experience management platform with online booking, payments, and marketing features that enables your customer to book within minutes, hassle-free.

Scheduling Made Easy

Scheduling Made Easy

Stay on trend and put your best foot forward by presenting your events, classes, or experience-based offerings on an easy-to-navigate calendar.

We’ve Got Your Back

We’ve Got Your Back

If you’re joining Occasion from another platform, we will make the transition as seamless as possible. Starting from scratch? We can help with that too.

Reconnecting People

Reconnecting People

We believe that reconnecting people through shared experiences extends beyond your customers and into connecting with us as well as other businesses.

Occasion can do almost* anything

*well…we haven’t yet mastered frying pancakes, but maybe one day

Real-time calendar updates

Show events on your website, always up to date… automatically!

Sell any type of event

Whatever you offer (one-off, recurring, series or drop-ins) we’ve got it.

Host private events

Private events allow you to host parties by reservation that are not open to the public.

Booking Pages designed for sales

Trust the expert on this. We’ve helped sell 16 million spots at our Partners’ events.

Flexible pricing for your needs

Price your experiences by attendee type, tiers, fixed price, or group size - the choice is yours.

Earn more with add-ons

Sell additional products and packages to heighten every experience and increase your sales.

Edit, Charge, Cancel, or… Thank Them

Access your orders with our management system to complete ANY order-related actions.

Generate customizable Rosters

Thanks to printable rosters, attendee checklists have never been so easy.

Manage deposits with ease

Our automatic process for capturing the balance due will simplify your life.

Become the world’s best marketer

From a newsletter to cart abandonment emails, our marketing tools have you covered.

Sell gift cards

Offer discount codes or sell digital gift cards for future events.

Share events on social media

Don’t forget to promote your events on social media. It’s easy!

What others say

Let's take your success to the next level, together.

“ Since switching to Occasion, our revenue is up to 40%. “

Because we use Occasion, we have more customers who feel comfortable buying from us. Since switching to Occasion, our revenue is up 40%. If it wasn’t for the improved booking experience, there is no way we would hit those numbers. We are happy as clams!


in Occasion family since 2018

We save the equivalent of 3 days every week in admin time.

Since implementing Occasion’s online booking tool, I am saving the equivalent of 3 days every week and party bookings have seen a significant jump. For example, reservations for birthday parties have increased by 10%. I just don’t know what I would do without it!


in Occasion family since 2021

I have less stress and more time

Occasion has made my life so much easier. As an entrepreneur, wearing so many hats, it is easy to miss something. With Occasion I find that I have less stress and more time for the other tasks I haven’t been able to focus on.


in Occasion family since 2018

I am booking parties while I sleep!

Before Occasion I used a contact email for birthday parties. Once I switched to online party booking it saved so much time, and it was so exciting on the mornings when it woke up to find people had completed a booking while I slept!


in Occasion family since 2017


Account Manager

Every business is assigned an account manager, who gets to know your business as well as you do.

Cap based booking fees

Booking fees are capped $10 (or €10, £10)  per booking.

Hassle-free set up with a deposit of$199

Unlimited Templates

We’ll help you create templates. They’re yours to keep and refer to for your entire duration with us.

Unlimited One-on-One Training

Learn how to use Occasion with one-on-one video call training for you and your staff.

Website Calendar Integration

Occasion’s calendar works with a variety of website builders. We’ll help set up your first calendar so you can embed it into your website.

Payment Integration

Accept payments for your online transactions by integrating your Square (or Stripe, where Square is not available) account with Occasion.

Marketing Set-up

We have a suite of marketing emails that will help bring in new customers and keep them coming back

Complete Data Import

If you’re coming from another platform or you have your own customer database, we can import that info into Occasion so you don’t miss a beat.

Switching to Occasion is easy

If you’re joining Occasion from another platform, we’ll do everything we can to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Still Unsure?

Read what a few of our partners had to say about their impression of Occasion before and after switching.

What I thought

I figured it was pretty much the same thing as what I was using.

How it actually was

I’m actually more impressed with it since I switched. I feel like so far it’s pretty easy to use but I love the price point!

Sharlene T.,

in Occasion family since Aug 2022

What I thought

It’s gotta be better. It has more features than the previous platform and would allow us to grow into them.

How it actually was

OMG! It does so much! It’s a bit steeper of a learning curve than expected. Customer support is great. I don’t feel stupid when asking for help or clarification. My team is excited about the expansion capabilities. I like the clean look and ease of customer use.

Michelle B.,

in Occasion family since Sep 2022


Not able to find your questions in the FAQs? Reach out to us. We’ll do our best to help you out!

I have more questions
Can I absorb or pass-through the booking fee?

As a business you can absorb or pass-through booking fee to your customers. 91% of Occasion merchants pass on the booking fee to their customers.

How does the booking fee work?

Here’s an article that will explain how the booking fees work.

Do you offer custom plans?

For large businesses, franchisors, and not-for-profits, we do offer custom plans based on your needs. Please send your request to help@getOccasion.com

What are my payment processing options?

We support Square and Stripe. Our most popular gateway is Square. We recommend using Square in all countries for the best experience.

What countries is Occasion available in?

Occasion is available for use in any country, but it should be noted that we do not currently offer translation support and the product is in English.

How does Occasion make money?

We make money in two ways. We charge a monthly fee and a small booking fee on each online transaction.

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If you still have questions we are happy to clarify anything that’s on your mind.

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