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Virtual Bingo Fundraiser

by Carl Traeger PSC, , United States of AmericaVirtual Bingo Fundraiser

Since we can't play BINGO at school we bringing BINGO home! 
Mrs. G will be calling out numbers on a Facebook Live video, you can join live too or enjoy playing along later on. We're encouraging the whole family and our community to play along, so invite your friends and family to join our BINGO party. 

Every BINGO earns you a chance to win fun prizes. We'll ask you to post a photo of your bingo board within 2 days to enter the prize pool, we will notify winners but prizes won't be delivered until a later date. 

If you select delivery we will put BINGO cards and fun "mystery bingo markers" in your mailbox or on your porch, there is a extra $1 charge for this. If you select Print, we will email you your BINGO cards to print. 

More details on game play, video streaming and prizes will be sent by email prior to April 17th. 

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