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Curb Side Drop Off for Firing - 3 hour period

by Laurel Street Arts, San Carlos, California, United States of AmericaCurb Side Drop Off for Firing - 3 hour period

So, you bought a Laurel Street Arts To Go Kit and have been holding it for firing. You can now safely drop off your kit(s), all or just a few pieces, so we can fire your items. Just sign up for one of our 3-hour time slots. You'll get a confirmation email which you need to print out and attach to the box or bag your items are in. This will make it possible for us to get your fired pieces back to you! 

Drop your pieces off anytime within the 3-hour period, leaving your box/bag on the bench in front of the store. Your pieces need to be dropped off within that time period so we can bring them into the store without delay. (Don't forget to include your brushes and any unused paint and glass!)

Please note: This time is for drop-off ONLY! You cannot pick up any new To Go Kits during this time period. We cannot accept drop offs at any other time. If you miss your scheduled time, simple sign up again.

We will continue to schedule drop off times, so if these time/dates don't work for you, no worries. If you prefer, you can even wait until the shelter in place is over. 

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at campsnclasses@laurelstreetarts.com. We are unable to check our voicemail messages at this time.

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