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Pottery-to-go Fun Stuff

by The Ceramic and Pottery Center, League City, Texas, United States of AmericaPottery-to-go Fun Stuff

These times call for creative ideas to keep you and your kids entertained.  The Pottery To Go kits will provide you the quiet time you are looking for.

Here's how it works:
1. Choose which pieces you'd like to paint
2. Choose paint colors: each piece may have a main color and two accent colors. These paints will be glazes from our paint bar. This means that once you paint them, you will return them to us to fire and make all shiny! We will call you for pickup after. *** These paints are not compatible with any other paints, pieces painted with any other paints will not be fired***
3. Designate your 2 hour pickup window. ( Currently we are open 12pm-4pm tues-sat)
4. Our staff will create a custom pottery-to-go kit for you. 
5. When you get here, you may come inside to pick up or call us at 281-332-4490 for parking spot delivery
6. Once you are done painting your artwork, you can bring your pieces back to us to fire.  We will call you to pick up once they are ready!

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