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At-Home Kit - Dog Lovers

by The Crafters House, Birmingham, Alabama, United States of AmericaAt-Home Kit - Dog Lovers

The kits includes:

  1. one ceramic, 
  2. one paper craft with circuit components, 
  3. one string art board and art (nails included)
  4. one traceable paint design and canvas with paint and brushes. 
  5. And either a towel craft or jewelry art (Dog and Elephant are towels, Cat/Tiger and Cross are wire Jewelry)

This kit includes everything you need to create 5 crafts.

Please note:

  • Hammer for String art is not included
  • Will attempt to accomodate all paint colors.  
  • In not selected, the basic paint colors to be included are White, Red, Blue, Black, Green, Orange and Yellow
  • Cat and Cross includes a beginners wire jewelry rig and patterns.

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