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At-Home Adult Art Kit

by Wendy Marquis Art, Belgrade, Montana, United States of AmericaAt-Home Adult Art Kit

Want to paint while you're self-distancing in your home? We will provide all the supplies (bleached and sanitized of course) that you need to create your paintings either via pick-up or delivery (for a small fee).

Choose how many of the same kits you want in the "Build your package" area. Above are some of the current paintings that you can choose form. You can also view the current paintings If you're not sure what painting you want to try, check out her active class calendar at https://app.getoccasion.com/p/stacks/1305/848 to get an idea of recently completed paintings that are available.

This kit is meant for you to work independently on your project. You will receive a print-out of the painting that you can use to model your work after. Please feel free to call or facetime Wendy with questions if you get stuck. 


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